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New Zealand's Finest: Naturally Nutritious Ingredients

All animals and sealife grown here are of the utmost in terms of quality. Our pastures are the most nutritious, our oceans the purest.


King Salmon

New Zealand King Salmon is a rare and unique species known for its exceptional quality and taste. With the highest oil content of all salmon species, King salmon is an excellent source of high-quality protein.


Full of flavour with a deliciously delicate texture, it also has some of the highest omega-3 levels per serving compared to other salmon and seafood species, this helps support healthy hearts, brains, and joints.


Grass Fed Beef

In New Zealand, grass-fed means something more. The pristine climate makes New Zealand one of the few places in the world where pasture farming can reach its true potential.


Grass-fed cows have spent their entire lives in open pastures eating a natural, foraged diet. New Zealand is among the lowest global users of antibiotics in cattle production.


Grass Feb Lamb

New Zealand grass-fed lamb boasts the flavours of nature with subtle notes of green pastures. Grass-fed red meat has higher vitamin A and E content and a favourable fat profile.


It is lower in total fat, more conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) with a healthier omega 3: omega 6 ratio than grain fed meats. Packed full of complete protein, bioavailable iron, zinc and vitamin B12, with bioactive creatine, carnitine and carnosine which all play key roles in maintaining pet health


Greenshell Mussel

Green shell Mussels are New Zealand’s most iconic seafood, the popular green mussel meat is tender, juicy and rich in nutrients and contain unique anti-inflammatory fatty acids, which can help relieve joint inflammation and

muscle soreness.


As a prebiotic, it can help regulate the balance of intestinal microorganisms and is beneficial to intestinal health.


New Zealand Venison is produced from the open pastures of New Zealand in a natural, free-range environment without the use of hormones or steroids.


Venison is naturally a very lean protein, low in calories, and an excellent source of iron and
essential vitamins.



Hoki is found all around New Zealand, with major concentrations in Cook Strait, the west coast of the South Island, and the Chatham Rise.


NZ Hoki is considered one of the best managed fisheries in the world. Hoki can grow up to 1.3 meters in length, it’s meat delicate, abundant in Omega 3 and more flavorful than most other white fish.

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