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Pioneering Pet Food Excellence

Welcome to New Zealand Quality Petfoods Ltd: As a devoted pet food contract manufacturer in New Zealand, we specialize in private label and custom recipe production. Partner with us for
world-class quality in pet nutrition.

It's all about partnership

Canned &

Air-Dried Specialization

Recipe Development Innovation

Strategic Market Access Support

New Zealand's High-Quality Standards

NZQP champions partnership in Private Label pet food manufacturing, specializing in wet-canned and air-dried products. We collaborate closely, from handpicking ingredients to developing unique recipes and strategizing market positioning. Adhering to New Zealand's stringent MPI-qualified RMP standards, we're dedicated to lifting your brand to new heights of success.

What do we offer​

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Advanced Two-Stage Air-Drying:
Our low-temperature technique delicately air-dries the meat mixture, ensuring maximum nutrient retention, safety, and superior quality in every air-dried product.

Indulge in Superior Quality:
Our air-dried offerings boast a minimum of 96% meat content, crafted from the finest New Zealand protein sources.

Elevate Taste Excellence:
Our recipes feature a premium, universally appealing flavor enhanced by our proprietary
meat-based palatant.

Optimal Comfort for Your Pets:
Consistent size and shape designed for their utmost jaw comfort.

Our Process

At NZQP, we revolutionize pet food production with our advanced dual-capability facility, the result of three years of R&D with industry leaders. Our blend of experienced leadership and robotic engineering streamlines production, cuts costs, and exceeds New Zealand's quality standards, giving our partners a competitive manufacturing edge to elevate their market presence.

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30 million

Cans/Year Capacity

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up to

300 cans/Min

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5000 Tonnes



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Near South Island New Zealand port for efficient global sea freight

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